PapaSurvey – Give Your Feedback After Visiting Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy’s is a unique pizza house. This restaurant is different from other pizza outlets such as Pizza Hut or Dominos. Papa Murphy’s is famous for its Take and Bake concept. It means, they will make the dough, but they do not bake the pizza at the store. This restaurant lets the customers bake it themselves at their home. With this creative concept, Papa Murphy’s has a great number of customers. This restaurant always wants to be the best pizza provider. So, it starts to make PapaSurvey site as the Papa Murphy’s customer satisfaction survey.

Founded in 1995, In the beginning, Papa Murphy’s is the merger from Papa Aldo’s and Murphy’s Pizza house. Nowadays, Papa Murphy’s has more than 1400 outlets in Canada and US. For the easy control, Papa Murphy’s creates Papasurvey to get the feedback from its customers. Creating a survey is one of the real efforts of this restaurant to stay at the top of the pizza market. Papa Murphy’s survey helps the company to find out what the target customers want from them. So, it can improve the services in a better way. The Papa Murphy’s Customer survey also helps them to find out the trends in the society.

If you have visited Papa Murphy’s recently, you should not miss this survey. You can visit to find out how to take part in Papa Murphy’s survey. Papasurvey is beneficial not only for the company but also for the respondents. Here are the benefits of the survey for you and for the company itself.

  • Advantages for the company.

Papa Murphy’s can gather the feedback from the people. So, they can evaluate whether their service satisfies the customers or not. Through the customers’ opinion, Papa Murphy’s can know which part of the service they should improve. The restaurant can know where they should focus their attention. For instance, they have to pay more attention to the menu, speed of service, or the cleanliness of the outlet. When they can fix their weakness, they can make many customers come back to their restaurant.

  • Advantages for the respondents.

You will not regret taking part in this Papasurvey. It is because you can enjoy some benefits after taking part in this online survey. First, you have a chance to express whatever in your mind. Your thought should be based on your experience when you come in Papa Murphy’s.

You can say your satisfaction as well as dissatisfaction feeling. The survey will ask your thought about several topics. For instance, it asks you about food quality, service speed, employees, as well as store ambiance. Mostly, the questions will appear in the form of Likert Scale. So, your duty is only clicking the circle to rate Papa Murphy’s overall service.

But, you also has an opportunity to write a comment about Papa Murphy’s. You have to be specific in writing your opinion. Then, at the end of Papa Murphy’s survey, you will get a redemption code. You should bring this code to your next visit at Papa Survey. Finally, you can redeem this code with a special offer from Papa Murphy’s. For instance, you may get a discount offer or free product.